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First Baptist Church of Quartzsite

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Demographic: Rural/small desert town

First Baptist Church of Quartzsite
30 Church St., Quartzsite, AZ 85346

Community Profile:
First Baptist Church of Quartzsite is located in the small desert town of Quartzsite, Arizona just 18 miles from the Colorado River. The area consists of a lot of open desert perfect for hunting, hiking, biking and off road adventures with a multitude of trails to explore. Also, being so close to the river, you can water ski, take boat rides or just relax and enjoy some fishing. The desert has a beauty all of its own with spectacular sunrises and sunsets. With all of this available, it is no wonder people are drawn to the area and social activities increase during the winter months with the influx of snowbirds and vendors.
The town has a Library and Museum, bus service in town as well as to neighboring towns, a small gym at the local Community Center and events at the Town Park. The education available is an Elementary school through 8th grade and High School is bussed to Salome.
For any health needs we have a clinic in town and paramedics with Aviation medical emergency service. The closest hospital is located approximately 35 miles away in Parker with the larger hospitals in Lake Havasu, Phoenix, and Yuma. Many of the residents, as well as snowbirds, will also go to Mexico for dental and medical services and medications.
Quartzsite has 3 markets. There is also Dollar General, Family Dollar, Truck Stops, Fast Food establishments, restaurants, convenience stores, police department, town office, a bank, automotive repair and gas stations for local service and employment.
The churches in the area are mostly conservative and the churches get along well with each other. For example, Pastors gather once a week for prayer and once a month for fellowship. The town is a growing community made up of 90% seniors.
The cost of living is very affordable with a rating of A, the weather = B+, housing = B, Crime = C+. Vehicle registrations are low cost and can be registered for 4 years at a time. While there are many advantages to small town living there can be some drawbacks too. Those that affect our town are the distance (90-115 miles) to be driven for any major shopping, i.e. Costco, shopping malls, larger hospitals and medical specialists.
Church Profile:
First Baptist Church of Quartzsite is approximately 62 years old and sits on 4 acres with ample parking. The original Sanctuary was replaced in 1970 and seats about 250 on 32 cushioned pews of solid wood construction. Next to the Sanctuary we have a Fellowship Hall with Kitchen, Nursery and classrooms. We have seasonal attendance from 40-125.
The parsonage is a 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1 office, 2 car garage home constructed 8 years ago and sits on approximately ½ acre located about ¼ mile from the church.
There have been 7 pastors since the church began with the most recent pastor having stayed for 6-1/2 years. He accepted a position with a church in the mid-west to be close to his children and family.
We are part of the National Conservative Baptist Association and Regional Southwest Church Connection.
Church government
This is a Congregational all church vote on the following areas: The Pastor, annual budget, the buying or selling of land and any changes to the church constitution.
The church is led by Elders. The Pastor is considered an Elder.
Our Sunday Morning service starts at 10:00 a.m. and the style of service is Traditional, hymns & choruses, and dress casual.
The church has a number of ministries such as, Women’s Ministry, Men’s Ministry, Visitation, Bible Studies and supports 5 missions.
Paid Staff:
Pastor, Janitorial, Bookkeeping
Current Challenges and Opportunities:
The church Health is good, with receptive and loving people.
Facility Concerns = Carpet which will need to be replaced in the future.
The church has a good reputation.

Compatible Doctrinal statement and Statement of faith.
Attitudes and Skills:
• Optimistic
• People skills such as:
o A strong encourager and lover of people.
o Effective at interpersonal communication both as a listener and speaker.
o A passion to invest relationally.
• Good leadership skills such as:
o Emphasis on biblical teaching.
o Develop effective ministry teams.
o Shepherd and develop the leadership of the church.

The pastor is to be the practical & spiritual leader of the church. He is responsible to the Lord and the church to primarily proclaim the gospel and teach the Bible. He is also to engage in pastoral care, provide supervisory leadership in all areas and administrate the paid and volunteer staff.
Ministry Requirements and Responsibilities:
1. Plan and conduct worship services; prepare and deliver sermons and lead in observance of the church ordinances.
2. Lead the church in an effective evangelism and in a care ministry for those in the church and community.
3. Lead in an effective care of visiting members and prospects.
4. Conduct counseling sessions. Perform wedding ceremonies and conduct funerals.
5. Lead the church in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating the total ministry of the church.
6. Represent the church in civic matters.
7. Act as moderator of the church business meetings.
8. Work with church members as they perform their ministry responsibilities.
9. Serve as administrator of the paid church staff; supervise the work of the ministry staff; both volunteer and paid ministers and directors.
10. Function as an Elder of the church with all the elders. First among equals. He is also ex official of all teams, boards and committees of the church.
Compensation: Negotiable based on experience and education.

Date Posted: Wed, Feb 5, 2020   (190 days ago)

Point of Contact:

Ken Stuart

PO Box 596
QUARTZSITE, AZ 85346-0596