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Statement Of Faith:

The role of the Worship Director at Summit View Church at the Westside Campus is to create and oversee powerful worship experiences for the campus family. This will be orchestrated by drawing people into the presence of God through various forms of worship and by being active as the shepherd of both the worship teams and congregation. This position will oversee all aspects of planning and execution of worship for the campus, keeping with the overall DNA of Summit View Church. This person will communicate effectively with the Worship Pastor of Summit View Church as well as the various worship leaders, campus pastors, other staff members, and volunteers.

1. The Worship Director must have a strong relationship with God as evidenced in I Timothy 3.
2. The Worship Director must have a strong passion for pastoring their people.
3. They must have strong musical abilities.
a. Vocally proficient
b. Instrumentally able to lead a band
c. An understanding of musical theory
d. Proficient on a lead instrument
e. The ability to draw in and mentor top musicians
4. This person will have a working knowledge of sound amplification and video technology.

The responsibilities of the Campus Worship Director are as follows:
1. Champion the Infusion of the Church's worship DNA each Sunday.
a. Create alignment with the church culture and philosophy of worship.
2. Possess engaging, clear communication and spiritual leadership from the stage.
3. Provide leadership, coaching and development for musicians within the campus’ worship community.
4. Leadership during set up and tear down.
5. Worship team monthly gatherings.
6. Oversee the Youth Worship.

If interested, please send your resume to

Date Posted: Fri, Feb 7, 2020   (188 days ago)

Point of Contact:

David Libby

Westside Campus Pastor
7701 NE 182nd Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98682