Associate Pastor

Christ Fellowship Church

306 Montana, Deer Lodge, MT 59722 USA   MAP
Demographic: Small Town Rural
Statement Of Faith: Our statement of faith matches the Rocky Mountain Bible Mission which is conservative and evangelical. Our pastor is reformed and Baptistic in doctrine.

We are looking for someone who will help us reach young families and young adults in our valley. We are willing to tailor the position to the spiritual gifts of the candidate in terms of how to go about this. There will also be plenty of opportunities to experience various aspects of church ministry including preaching and teaching for those who are interested in these ministries.

Date Posted: Mon, Mar 2, 2020   (164 days ago)
Salary: $25-30,000
Benefits: Expense account for ministry related expenses
Anticipated Hire Date: As soon as possible

Point of Contact:

Dr. Thomas R Wood

306 Montana
Deer Lodge, MT 59722