Associate Marriage and Family Therapist

Amanda Goletto

11750 Dublin Blvd Suite 101, Dublin, CA 94568 USA   MAP
Demographic: Surburban
Statement Of Faith: As a mental health therapist I seek to allow all patients a space to explore spirituality and faith but as a Christian therapist I am able to provide a space for believers to process their relationship with God, the body of Christ and the church. I believe that God is the creator of the universe and sent his son Jesus to die on my behalf to allow me the opportunity to live with the Holy Spirit, be cleansed of sin and eternity in Heaven.

Amanda Goletto in a Dublin private practice is looking to hire a Christian associate interested in trauma treatment. 10 client hours available Monday mornings, Wednesday evenings and Saturdays. Triadic supervision is Wednesdays at 9am. The position starts in May or June for an associate with 1,000 hours of experience left to complete. Previous supervisor recommendations required. Multiple sites and diverse clinical experience preferred. Please submit cover letter and resume to A phone interview will be requested as the first step.

Date Posted: Wed, Mar 4, 2020   (162 days ago)
Salary: TBD
Benefits: NA
Anticipated Hire Date: May/June

Point of Contact:

Amanda Goletto

11750 Dublin Blvd Suite 101
Dublin, CA 94568