Full Time Pastor

Yamhill Christian Church

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Demographic: Rural
Statement Of Faith:

Full-time Pastor at Yamhill Christian Church

The role of the Pastor is to spiritually nurture the body of Christ that gathers at Yamhill Christian Church and dwells within the surrounding area.

As one of the elders, the Pastor will collaborate with the rest of the eldership in helping to align staff and volunteers with the church’s mission:

Loving God and loving people by being disciples and making disciples who take Christ’s message to the people of our community, region, country, and world.

In order to accomplish its vision:

To become a community of followers of Jesus who desire to see “the fame and deeds of God renewed and known in our time” (Habakkuk 3:2), living as those who pursue God’s presence in our midst, and practice the Way of Jesus in our time and place, to bring spiritual, social, and cultural renewal to Yamhill.

Along with the elders, trustees, finance and leadership teams, the Pastor will ensure that the systems, practices, and policies of the church responsibly and effectively support its ministry activities.

Key Responsibilities and Duties:

Preaching and teaching: The Pastor will be the primary preacher for Sunday morning worship services. The Pastor also will provide leadership in planning and executing any adult education programs or bible studies.

Servant-leadership and planning: The Pastor is responsible for collaborating with the elders in order to plan and coordinate the execution of the church’s mission by:

Advising the leadership team
Advising the finance team
Monitoring the spiritual pulse of the congregation through review and accountability.
Ensuring staffing, facilities and programs are effectively aligned to accomplish the church’s vision
Providing leadership and support for community outreach initiatives
Staff and volunteer supervision and development: The Pastor will serve as director to staff and volunteers by:

Collaborating with the pastoral team (worship leader and youth pastor)
Working alongside the office volunteer(s) and providing direction, as needed, for the effective functioning of the church office
Help maintain open lines of communication between staff and volunteers working together
Oversee the adherence to church by-laws
Communicate with and schedule volunteers

Pastoring the church: The pastor will oversee the spiritual needs of the congregation by:

Praying with and for members of the congregation
Providing pastoral care to the members of the congregation including home visits
Conducting as needed hospital visitations, counseling, marriages and funerals
Maintaining efficient and effective lines of communication amongst members of the congregation
Evaluation and compensation: Taking good care of our pastor is important to us as a church and we are known for caring for our pastors emotionally and socially. Financial compensation will be commensurate with experience and competitive for expected job responsibilities for a small rural church in our area. The elders will conduct an annual performance evaluation and review of the compensation package.

Professional qualifications:

Devout personal faith in Christ - able to fully support the mission and vision of Yamhill Christian Church.
Education - Bachelor’s degree (Master’s preferred)
Administration – Prior management responsibilities in positions of leadership (preferably ten years). Experienced at organizing meetings, programs and outreach strategy.
Teaching – Prior teaching responsibilities in a church or para-church organization (preferably ten years). Experienced with effective communication of Biblical texts and preparation of weekly sermons.

Date Posted: Thu, Apr 23, 2020   (112 days ago)
Salary: Commensurate with experience
Anticipated Hire Date: Post COVID-19 lockdown

Point of Contact:

Marie Dezellem

Pastoral Search Committee Member
265 W Main St
Yamhill, OR 97148