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Grace Baptist Church

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Statement Of Faith: Our statement of faith is quite lengthy and is available at

Grace Baptist Church
Grace Baptist Church is a multi-generational congregation in Santa Clarita, CA with
over 50 years of consistent witness in our community. We are committed to plural
leadership, expositional preaching and teaching, Reformational theology, and the
benefit of diverse music styles. Our people are serious about making and multiplying
Christ-followers who magnify the glory of God as we teach and model God’s Word in
the power of the Spirit. It is our great desire to share the transformational gospel of
Jesus Christ in our neighborhoods, and around the world.

Santa Clarita, CA
Santa Clarita is a beautiful city tucked away in the Santa Clarita Valley in northern Los
Angeles County. Known for its paseos, parks, and friendly people, our city is secluded
from the Los Angeles metropolis, but close enough to enjoy the sights, sounds, and
tastes of California’s entertainment capital. With a population of 220,000 we enjoy
world-class health care, award-winning schools, a University and two colleges, and
spectacular restaurants and shopping, while maintaining a community feel and
small-town friendliness. Most of all, our city is blessed with several good churches, and
Grace Baptist Church is thankful to partner with them in the mission of Christ, through
the church to the world.

The Executive Pastor Position
The Executive Pastor is a full-time employee who is responsible for the leadership and
direction of church staff in cooperation with the Senior Pastor in leading all functional
areas in the accomplishment of the church’s mission: “To make and multiply Christ
Followers who magnify the Glory of God.”
This leadership responsibility includes all subordinate pastoral, teaching, administrative
and custodial personnel functions; as well as all ministerial and operational activities of
the church and encompasses strategic planning, finance, administration, human
relations and operations.

Essential Job Functions
1. Work alongside and support the Senior Pastor to accomplish the church’s
mission by evaluating its ministries; guiding its decisions, and overseeing and
shepherding the staff.
2. Lead the pastoral staff in the development, establishment, ongoing evaluation
and improvement of ministries. Shepherd and mentor staff and ministry teams to
help them realize their God-given potential in alignment with the vision and goals
of Grace Baptist.
3. Oversee the hiring process for all Grace Baptist employees.
4. Oversee the annual performance process of all Grace Baptist employees and
provide and facilitate ongoing personnel feedback and professional growth plans.
5. Ensure the operational readiness of the church by leading and overseeing the
support and volunteer staff and the performance of their respective duties in
administration, finance, human resources, supply, safety and facilities
management, with a focus on excellence and the establishment of best practices.
6. Facilitate in cooperation with the Senior Pastor, the annual strategic planning
process to include: evaluation of ministry performance; review of mission, vision
and core values; development of key objectives and tactics and establishment of
one-and three-year goals.
7. Establish and maintain a set of key performance measures (KPMs) that provide
the Elder team, Senior Pastor and staff with ongoing visibility into, and
accountability of all functional areas of the church.
8. Develop annual financial plans that fund the accomplishment of the strategic plan
and meet the critical financial objectives.
9. Lead any church building or improvement programs including; capital fundraising,
master planning, design and architecture, contractor selection and construction.
10.Schedule, create the agenda (in partnership with the Senior Pastor) and attend
Elder meetings — providing information and assistance to the Elder team as

Organizational Relationships
1. The Executive Pastor will report directly to the Senior Pastor, and under his
guidance, will be reviewed annually by the Board of Elders.
2. The Executive Pastor will serve on, and supervise the Staff Lead Team
(department heads).
3. The Executive Pastor shall oversee all church staff and ministry under the
guidance of the Senior Pastor.
4. The Executive Pastor is not a member of the Elder team.

Personal Qualifications
The Executive Pastor is responsible to live out the character qualifications of an Elder
as outlined in 1 Timothy 3:1-7.
As Executive Pastor, he will seek personal holiness first and foremost in order that he
may lead the staff and congregants of Grace Baptist with both purity and passion in the
following ways:
1. He will demonstrate a humble maturity, teachable spirit and the grace-based
godliness of Gal 5:22-23.
2. He will qualify for his office according to the standards of 1 Tim 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9,
1 Peter 5:1-3.
3. If married and if he has children, he will maintain a relationship with his wife and
children that models God’s design.
4. He will have a heart for lost people and a passion and zeal for the work of
pastoral ministry.

5. He will shepherd the staff toward specific goals in an edifying and supportive
6. He will demonstrate a personal and public commitment, at all times to the
Statement of Faith and Social Values in the bylaws of Grace Baptist — both of
these are available at .
7. He will, as an extension of his deep faith, be a man of prayer in his personal life
and ministry.
8. He will have a gracious, winsome and approachable personality.
9. He will display a great love for people, believers and unbelievers alike.
10.He will have a kind but firm ability to work with those who are struggling in their
walk with Christ.

Experience / Education
The Executive Pastor position requires a minimum of 8-10 years of experience as a
senior leader in a business environment or similar experience and established
competency in a position comparable to an Executive Pastor.
Possession of a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, technology or another
related field is preferred. A Biblical education would be advantageous. The successful
individual must have a proven track record of; effective leadership, shepherding, sound
judgment, good business acumen and meet the qualification of an Elder as outlined in 1
Timothy 3:1-7.

Compensation will be commensurate with the successful candidate’s overall
qualifications, education, training and experience.

Date Posted: Wed, May 6, 2020   (99 days ago)
Salary: To be determined
Benefits: Health & dental insurance program, vacation, sick leave, 403b match, etc.
Anticipated Hire Date: ASAP

Point of Contact:

Bruce Crosley

Elder/CRT Chair
22833 Copper Hill Drive
Santa Clarita, CA 91350