Church Planting Resident

EPC Presbytery of the Southeast - Project 2028

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Demographic: Urban
Statement Of Faith:

Church Planting Resident

JOB DESCRIPTION: Church Planting Resident
REPORTS PRIMARILY TO: Pastor in participating PoSE Church (EPC Presbytery of the Southeast)
SECONDARILY TO: Board of Project 2028 Partners


The EPC Presbytery of the Southeast is continuing to develop a church planting center called Project 2028 that will seek more Southeast region U.S.-based church plants as an evangelism strategy. A part of this strategy is recruiting, developing, and sending out new church planters from within a residency program. This residency is for 2-years.

Current Host Churches include Church of the Redeemer in Alcoa, TN (metro Knoxville) and Resurrection Chattanooga.

Principal Function:

Prepare as a future church planter on behalf of PoSE.

Functional Responsibilities:

1. Accomplish the completion of the Residency curriculum: books, assignments, ministry preparation, ordination preparation.
2. Act as additional pastoral staff to the Host church: preaching, leadership, and pastoral care.
3. Help lead a specific ministry area of Host church (or other participating church), subject to the resident’s competencies.
4. Strategize with Host church leadership to start a ministry from scratch.
5. Assist participating churches in their global mission ministry, in order to learn more about worldwide church planting.
6. Attend the requisite staff meetings at the Host Church.
7. Weekly participation in the worship services of the Host Church.
8. Other duties as assigned.

Benchmarks: Upon completion of the Residency in two years, we will commit to supporting the Resident to plant a church on behalf of PoSE, provided these benchmarks are met.
1. Fundraise ⅓ of the cost of salary/benefits for the residency, and begin fundraising for a potential church plant at the start of the Resident’s 2nd year.
2. Successful creation of a new ministry at the Host Church.
3. Clear and enthusiastic response to Resident’s preaching as administered by a congregational survey and as evaluated by Project 2028 Partners.
4. Has 20 active relationships with unchurched or dechurched people, and has successfully invited them into some aspect of the Host church’s life.
5. At the beginning of the 2nd year, begin forming plans and taking action steps for a long-term church plant, subject to Project 2028 Board approval.
6. Has a completed action plan upon completion of the Residency Program that is ready to use when re-locating to plant the new church.


● Has an ongoing and active relationship with Jesus Christ.
● Wholeheartedly affirms the Essentials of the Faith of the EPC (found here:
● Believes the Westminster Standards to contain the system of doctrine as found in the Scriptures.
● Wholeheartedly affirms the vision and values of the Host Church.
● A clear call to pastoral ministry
● A church planter’s assessment (prior to or concurrent to the interview process)
● Inspires trust and confidence in others
● Knows computer basics with respect to online file-sharing web programs and applications.
● A Bachelor’s degree is mandatory. Concurrent or completed studies in a Master of Divinity program.

If Interested:

Contact and offer resume to Dave Strunk (Pastor, Church of the Redeemer) at and/or call 303-476-8849 with any questions.

Date Posted: Mon, May 18, 2020   (87 days ago)
Salary: $45,000/yr
Benefits: EPC Medical, Dental, Vision, Basic Life

Point of Contact:

Dave Strunk

1893 Louisville Rd
Alcoa, TN 37701