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Oregon City Evangelical Church

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Demographic: Suburban
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Our church is looking for someone to lead our weekly Sunday morning worship services. We are a church in transition as we move from 2 separate worship styles/services to a single style to better reflect the fact that as our church grows it continues to reflect younger people and those with families. This search is the result of our long time worship pastor retiring partly to pave the way for new leadership and a new style on Sunday mornings. The band currently leading our modern service will move to leading both services and our new worship leader will provide leadership and will fill the role of the primary leader on Sunday mornings. This transition has been a healthy and positive one as our outgoing leader/pastor has wholeheartedly encouraged the church to support and embrace our new leader and the gifts they bring.

Here in Oregon City (a suburb of Portland) the quarantine restrictions have actually set us up well to bring in someone new who can begin by leading over livestream or pre-recorded worship and then be present when we anticipate bringing the church back together in person for worship gatherings in the fall.

Date Posted: Tue, Jun 2, 2020   (72 days ago)
Salary: 11,000.00
Benefits: none
Anticipated Hire Date: now

Point of Contact:

Ed Grover

Lead Pastor
1024 Linn Ave
Oregon City, OR 97045