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Demographic: at risk children ages K-8, hispanic
Statement Of Faith: One-Eighty Youth Programs remains committed to showing an emerging generation what it means to thrive physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Team members at 180 operate at the crossroads our faith and actions - our Praxis. We believe that Jesus is in the process of reconciling the entire world to Himself and that restoration is possible for us all.

ONE-EIGHTY Counseling & Resources
Job Description for School Based Mental Health Clinician; K-8th grade
Organization Mission: The ONE-EIGHTY is a faith-based non-profit focused on providing a safe and fun place for at-risk teenagers, as well as a mentoring program in Lodi, CA. ONE-EIGHTY Counseling & Resources (C&R) is the Professional Counseling Services offered under the umbrella of One-Eighty, providing services to the community at large.
Title: School Based Mental Health Clinician
Reports to: C&R Co-Directors and Executive Director
Job Purpose of a School Based Mental Health Clinician:
Assist students K-8th grade. Listen to students' concerns about academic, emotional or social problems. Help students process their problems and plan goals and action. Mediate conflict between students and teachers. Help students and staff manage school site psychological or social needs. Provide mental health assessment, referrals, individual/family/small group/ classroom interventions as needed.
Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities
1. Prepare and execute group, individual and/or family sessions with professionalism.
2. Complete Mental Health Assessments/Intake Form for students and evaluate what steps he or she may need to take
(mental, physical, social/emotional, family or spiritual resources).
3. Exhibit professionalism in keeping paperwork confidential and filed appropriately.
4. Capable of making quick and flexible decisions when scheduling conflicts arise.
5. Maintain good communication and open rapport with School Counselor, Admin., teachers, staff & clients/guardians.
6. Maintain communication with Co-Directors for training, clients, needed materials, concerns or needs.
7. Attend weekly supervision meetings with C&R provided LMFT, if gaining hours towards licensure.
8. Be familiar with community resources.
9. Represent C&R as a respectable resource and a blessing to the community.
School-Based Therapy:
1. Proficient in Child Therapy.
2. Comfortable leading large and small group interventions; as well as individual sessions.
3. Must enjoy children and be creative.
4. Prepare and execute group materials and activities with professionalism.
5. Comfortable net-working and problem-solving in order to meet needs identified by the school administrator.
Individual & Family Therapy (if counselor opts to see clients at the office):
1. Answer any questions for prospective clients with clarity and upstanding customer service.
2. Build personal clientele, as well as, serve referrals from One-Eighty.
3. Manage personal schedule for individual and family clients.
4. Handle money efficiently; collecting client payment, billing, client receipts and deposits.
Counselor Attributes:
1. Because of the gang population in Lodi, C&R Counselors must have a proven commitment to Compassion, Forgiveness, Justice/Advocacy and Acceptance.
CA Registered Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Social Work, PPS, or LPCC Degree in School Counseling.
Generic Schedule: (Start Date—1 week prior to the start of school)
28-32 hours per week, 38 weeks per year (in conjunction with the LUSD calendar); +15 additional training hours Additional hours are available if interested in treating clients at the One-Eighty Counseling Center.
Compensation: $17–35+ per hour, depending upon Licensing, the need for supervision and experience. Supervision: Paid by C&R, if needed.
Certification: Why Try Training will be paid by C&R. (Not to be used with other organizations.)
Interested: Contact C&R Co-Director/Administrator Katherine Harper at 209-339-1616 or send resume to

Date Posted: Wed, Jun 10, 2020   (64 days ago)
Salary: $17-$35 per hour
Benefits: paid supervision
Anticipated Hire Date: 7/1

Point of Contact:

Katherine Harper

Counseling & Resources Codirector
17 W Lockeford St
Lodi, CA 95240