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Faith Baptist Church, Visalia

As Faith Baptist Church seeks God’s man to lead this church for the next several years, we see this time of change as an opportunity to refocus on what we believe to be the direction God is leading Faith Baptist Church. It is our desire to progress, grow, and build upon the foundation of Faith Baptist Church, and the godly work and leadership of our previous pastors. We desire to be an obedient and effective church in Visalia, in our coming together for fellowship, worship, prayer, Christian love, and in fulfilling the Great Commission locally, as well as beyond Visalia. The following information is based upon a compilation of data and input from the church leadership, the pastoral search committee, and the church congregation.

Faith Baptist Church is seeking a senior pastor who meets all biblical qualifications (1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4, etc.), but who will also be a man who has the particular gifts and skills to lead Faith Baptist Church at this time in our church life, and in the direction God is leading this church.

Church Goals
Following is a list of goals important to Faith Baptist Church. Some represent current strengths and distinctives of FBC, which are important that we retain. Others are areas of weaknesses that we recognize as areas in which we must improve. All represent our vision for the kind of church we desire FBC to be.

1. Continue in the ministry of sound doctrine and accurate teaching and preaching of God’s Word.
2. Continue and expand the ministry of loving and caring for each other and those who visit FBC.
3. Grow our ability to focus on the Lord Jesus Christ, worship Him, and be uplifted by Him during our worship services.
4. Develop a vigorous and multifaceted discipleship/training ministry to prepare members to live in obedience to God’s Word and to utilize their gifts in ministry and leadership.
5. Strengthen our families through the integrated ministries of training, discipleship, and Biblical counselling.
6. Develop a fruitful local outreach ministry.
7. Build/expand ministry to young adults and young families.
8. Stabilize/expand our ministry to youth.
9. Continue and strengthen ministry to our seniors.
10. Develop a variety of mid-week Bible study and fellowship opportunities.

Church Needs

Following is a list of needs that we have identified for Faith Baptist Church.

1. Development of spiritual gifts and ministry skills.
2. Development of leadership, especially among our men.
3. Development of outreach ministries.
4. Development of ministries to families of all age groups.

Pastoral Gifts and Skills

Following is a list of gifts and skills we desire in a pastor.

1. Ability to accurately and carefully communicate the Word of God, applying it to the needs of our church.
2. A loving shepherd’s heart for our church family.
3. Leadership skills to initiate ministries, motivate and train workers, delegate work to responsible people, and to follow up, evaluate, and adjust.
4. Commitment to disciple leaders.

Faith Baptist Present and Past

Faith Baptist Church has always been known as a friendly church with sound biblical preaching and teaching.

Present membership of FBC is 115 members, and has remained very stable over recent years. Average Sunday morning attendance is 110. For many years, FBC has provided to our community a strong AWANA ministry. In recent years, we have sought to provide greater ministry to our seniors. It is a goal of FBC to grow, reaching out to more families and particularly younger and middle-aged families.

Faith Baptist Church is located on 2.5 acres on Walnut Avenue in the center of Visalia. Walnut Avenue is a major thoroughfare running east and west through the city. The buildings were built in 1968 and 1972. Although they show their age in both style and use, the buildings and grounds are updated and well maintained. FBC was started with a small chapel that seats approximately 100 people. This chapel is used for evening services on Sunday. In 1972, the current sanctuary was constructed and seats approximately 600.

Thompson Hall was added in 1972 with the new sanctuary. Thompson Hall contains a kitchen, nursery and hall downstairs and seven rooms upstairs. The rooms upstairs are used for Sunday School, AWANA, and the youth group. The hall is also used for AWANA and special events.

It is a blessing that all facilities are owned outright, and the church has no outstanding debt, other than to love one another. (Romans 13:8) The table below contains FBC income and expenses for the last five years.

Year Income Expenses
2015 $321,721 $324,354
2016 $313,529 $309,334
2017 $338,300 $296,869
2018 $334,550 $305,697
2019 $313,889 $306,503

Date Posted: Thu, Jun 18, 2020   (56 days ago)
Salary: To be determined
Benefits: To be determined
Anticipated Hire Date: September 2020

Point of Contact:

Robin Purves

Chairman, Pastoral Search Committee
3826 W Colonial Ave.
Visalia, CA 93277