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We are a small counseling practice in Northeast Oregon, serving a varied population in an underserved area. There is great need for quality mental health care. Coming from a Christian perspective is a huge plus for us as a practice, but you need to be able to effectively and respectfully counsel people from all faiths. We are both private pay and insurance based, so licensure with the state of Oregon is a must. Reputation is EVERYTHING in small communities, and we've worked hard to earn the trust of this community- you must be highly professional, self motivated, and an excellent therapist. The pay is a 60/40 split. Case load is about 20 hours a week. Session rates vary per insurance contracts, so final pay depends on your individual caseload. We take care of scheduling, billing, office space, EHR, and marketing. It takes about 90 days to be fully on-boarded with insurance contracts and training, and building a caseload also takes time.
La Grande is the "jewel" of Eastern Oregon. We are surrounded by mountains and beautiful forests. Skiing, camping, hunting, boating,'s a great place to play outside!

Date Posted: Tue, Jun 30, 2020   (44 days ago)
Salary: 60/40 split
Benefits: none
Anticipated Hire Date: September 1, 2020

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Jamie Matteucci

1910 Island Ave
La Grande, OR 97850