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Statement Of Faith: We believe that the Bible is God's love letter to mankind, revealing how anyone can enjoy an intimate relationship with him, answer many of the perplexing questions of life and instruct where our world is heading.
We believe that God somehow exists in three distinct persons, Father , Son , and Holy Spirit. As such, he ever lives to reveal himself to mankind so that individuals may chose to love him back.
We believe that it was Jesus Christ, God the Son and 2nd person of the Trinity, who in coming to earth, best demonstrated the Trinity's amazing love, especially by dying on Calvary's cross to pay the price for all men's sins.
We believe that the Holy Spirit transforms lives. He brings us new and eternal life to people who give their lives to jesus and conforms them to His image for the rest of their earthly lives.
We believe that God created mankind in his image, but that everyone has broken his moral law. Consequently, every person is separated from God and cannot enjoy an intimate relationship with Him.
QWe believe that one can only enter into this intimate relationship with God when he/she receives the gift of salvation. With this gift comes abundant life now, followed by blissful eternity. How does this occur? By trusting in Jesus' death and resurrection instead of relying on one's religious heritage, good works, or religious rituals.
We believe that the Church is the collection of "saved" people who strive to encourage each other to please God in everything they do.
We believe that the supreme task of every "saved" person is to please God in every aspect of his/her life.
We believe that one future day, God and His "saved" people will live together, and the current intimate relationship with Him will be fully and eternally realized.

Faith Family Fellowship is a non-denominational church located in Bushkill Township, just outside of the community of Nazareth ,PA with a population of 26,000 people, and growing. The Nazareth school district is one of the desirable school districts in the area.

We are a congregation of approximately 60 members, of whom 45-55 people attend regularly now, and 70-80 attendance pre-Covid. Our congregation is a mixture of mature people, along with some younger families. Our beliefs are rooted in the Bible, as we believe the Bible is God’s revelation to man, our authority for both our Faith and practice. Our worship style is contemporary, our atmosphere breathes family, our aspiration is individual spiritual growth and our ultimate purpose delights in worshipping our Lord and Savior Jesus.

We aspire to be a mission minded church reaching out to the local community first: through ministries supporting the homeless, crisis pregnancy center, elderly, christian counseling, food banks, and a young men’s discipleship program. Then globally through our support of missionaries in Columbia, Mexico, Africa, Lebanon, and Haiti.

Our church is an Elder run church with 7 Elders, and also includes a leadership team made up of 12 members from the congregation.

We are looking for a new pastor as ours is nearing retirement .We are looking for someone who is dynamic, energetic, filled with Zeal for advancing God’s Kingdom on earth, and evidences a Spirit Controlled Life to continue growing our church as we were formed in 2013. We were looking for someone who would be able to possibly intern with us for a period of time this summer, and then transition into full time ministry.

Job description:
He shall be a minister and church elder who oversees the day to day operations of the church and the rest of the staff. His primary duty is to preach God’s Word with relevance and practical application to today’s world such that he equips the church family to be God’s ministers in the world.

Education and experience:
We would like the candidate to have a Master of theology with emphasis in pastoral studies, but are open to a Master’s level theological degree or working towards a Master’s degree with a graduation date of 2022.

preaching, teaching, discipling, counseling

Date Posted: Wed, Apr 28, 2021   (470 days ago)
Salary: negotiable
Benefits: Housing allowance, health care,
Anticipated Hire Date: June 2021

Point of Contact:

John Vacaro

1101 Frutchey Hill rd.
Easton, PA 18040