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Kids Club Consultants

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General Purpose
Office Manager will supervise the administrative part of the office, as well as consultants and staff. This
includes using standard office procedures, completion of special projects, and providing volunteers and
employees administrative training and support as needed for the effective running of their churches local Kids
Clubs/X Clubs in public schools.

Duties and Responsibilities-
Coordinate and supervise all Organizational and Administrative Operations of the Kids Club Ministry.

A range of duties and responsibilities include but are not limited to:
 Communication:
o Supervise the overall process and complete the Team and Prayer Newsletters hard copy and soft
copy each month.
o Oversee and manage the content on the website to continue to keep it up to date to current
trainings, information and resources for teams.
o Supervise and maintain the Kids Club and X Club Facebook page. Encourage others to post and
ensure that resources are available through the Facebook page.
o Supervise and assemble presentation packets for pastors, principals for Kids Club and X Clubs.
 Donations:
o Keep accurate account of all donations through Access.
o Send out email and hard copy Thank You letters for all donations, as needed.
 Training
o Supervise and manage the Kids Club Manual and X Club Manuals ensuring that all new
information is included, as needed.
o Supervise the training videos and ensure that they are accessible to volunteers through
website/Google File Stream etc.

 KCC Corporate files
o Manage the soft copy files in Kids Club Network and Google Workspace. As files are updated
ensure that they are saved to Google Drive or the Team Member folder accessible through our
website as well.
o Maintain curriculum files as directed by President and Consultants.
o Maintain and supervise all documentation on churches, clubs, volunteers, and contacts through
Access and Google Workspace.
o Track key statistical information, through use of spreadsheets, survey data, and other information
(electronic database, meeting notes, etc.).

 KCC Office Organization
o Supervise the documentations in club binders.
o Maintain all supplies in the Kids Club office.
o Oversee the equipment including computers, printers, etc.

o Train and supervise consultants as to their administrative responsibilities. Ensure that they have
completed necessary administrative documentation, as needed.
o Oversee the fingerprinting files and spreadsheet. Ensure each consultant completes all needed
background /fingerprinting applications and send to each church or Team Facilitator.
o Continue to update permission slips, as needed and supervise new permission slips each school
o Work with consultants to oversee processes having to do with school district approvals.
o Oversee the completion of game bags.
o Oversee the distribution of surveys to be ready by January and completed between Feb. and May.
o Complete the Onboarding HR process for each new employee.
o Oversee employee’s tracking Church Partnership Agreement and Insurance.
o Update New Office Procedure Manual, as needed.
o Oversee editing videos, and website revisions.
 Support to CEO
o Assist CEO in preparations for appointments with school principals, districts, pastors and teams.
o Assist in preparations for trainings and team meetings, as needed.
o Provide administrative support to Regional Consultants, as needed.

Date Posted: Fri, Jun 4, 2021   (439 days ago)

Point of Contact:

Beverly Daily

3150 Almaden Exp. Suite 112
SAN JOSE, CA 95118