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Grace Fellowship Community Church (GFCC), a Cumberland Presbyterian congregation based in the Mission District of San Francisco, is offering a full-time position for an experienced senior pastor for a congregation following a time of transition.


GFCC emerged in 1983 from the Cumberland Presbyterian Chinese Church with a vision to serve God as an expression of His Kingdom in San Francisco. Originally a small, predominantly Chinese-American congregation, with the majority of members having similar age and socio-economic position, it has since become a more multi-ethnic, multi-generational congregation. GFCC has had 2 senior pastors in its 35 year history; the founding pastor served until his death in 2006, at which time the founding associate pastor assumed the senior role until 2018. Throughout its history, GFCC has placed a high value on commitment to the church community, leading to ingrained patterns and approaches to m
inistry, leadership practices, and other aspects of church life. While much of this has been valuable and beneficial, parts have incurred dysfunctional aspects, including a tendency to stifle individual spiritual formation. Recently, the church has experienced multiple challenges with the pandemic with services moving on-line. We have been well served with an interim pastor and leaders focusing on spiritual growth and healing.

GFCC is part of the Del Cristo Presbytery of the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination. It is fully self-supporting. Historically 150 people attended services each Sunday. GFCC has historically placed a high value on the centrality of God’s word, and has also gathered for a mid-week formational time (often in the form of Bible study).

Synopsis of Job Description

The Senior Pastor will act as a companion on the church’s journey. S/he will oversee the teaching and preaching ministry, the health of the organization and staff, and will moderate the Session. The Senior Pastor will be expected to offer some one to one pastoral counseling (not therapy or spiritual direction). The Senior Pastor will invest his/her time heavily in leadership development.

Pastoral Activities of Emphasis in partnership with church leadership and staff

- Is a Disciple of Christ - Has a healthy personal relationship with the living God, with ethics and lifestyle that reflect the larger context of the Kingdom of God.

- Evangelism Inspired by Justice & Compassion - Embodies and promotes Christ’s ethic at personal and societal levels; prioritizes development of congregational ethic in recognizing and dismantling unjust and oppressive systems and in relating the gospel to people within the church and in the world.

- Pastoral Care - Shepherds the flock; meets and visits with congregation members in midst of crises or in need of guidance at a crossroads; promotes/creates space for congregational healing.

- Preaching - Communicates the gospel through sermons and relating its truth to life; coordinates with the worship planning team to plan worship services.

- Spiritual Formation - Shapes the congregation’s life to develop and promote spiritual maturity; in participating with the Holy Spirit: equips the congregation to be Christians in all areas of life in how they live, love, and serve one another and their neighbors; shepherds the congregation in spiritual practices and rhythms, as they are being formed in the image of God.

Minimum requirements

- Minimum of 5 years associate or senior level pastoral leadership experience.
- Graduate theological degree or equivalent thereof.
- Experience with preaching.
- Candidate must either be ordained in the Cumberland Presbyterian denomination or be approved by Del Cristo Presbytery if ordained in another denomination. GFCC and Presbytery Del Cristo recognize that other denominational traditions have different requirements for ordination and respect that other denominational practices might be helpful to our growth in Christ. In the same way, the Presbytery expects the Pastor to show respect for the Cumberland polity, tradition and history.
- The Candidate will be asked to submit references from previous churches s/he has served in this capacity which will include preaching/teaching recordings.
- Background check and fingerprinting.

Preferred Requirements

- Formal training and experience in counseling
- Experience collaborating with session or board of church leaders
- Multicultural experience
- Multigenerational experience

If you are interested in applying, please send a letter of interest and resumé to

Date Posted: Tue, Jul 6, 2021   (407 days ago)

Point of Contact:

Karen Seth

Pastoral Search Committee