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Kenneth McDuff

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What We’re Looking For…

Someone with passion for and experience in small group ministry leadership—Make no mistake: the focus of this position is in developing and maintaining GCC’s small group ministry. (We call them Life Groups, by the way.) We’re looking for someone who is conversant with small group ministry philosophy and practice, and someone who has experience effectively overseeing small group coaches and leaders. In other words, we’re looking for a small groups specialist who is also able to provide leadership and alignment for other adult ministries.

Someone who feels called and committed to lead a ministry focused on making adult disciples.—Dedication to the long-term development of the components and systems necessary for the continued and consistent spiritual growth of our adults will be a key to success in this position. In other words, we’re not looking for someone who sees this position as a stepping stone toward some other role, but for someone who loves the challenge and has the desire to develop adult ministries at GCC over the long term.

Someone who connects with our staff values.—Teamwork among staff members and departments is crucial. We have developed five staff values: community, common goals, clear communication, collaboration, and celebration. We are looking for someone who will help us continue to build these values into a staff culture by aligning your goals, style, and ministry philosophy with those agreed upon by the rest of the team.

Someone who can develop strong relational connections.—The development and maintenance of strong relationships is essential in recruiting, equipping, and caring for leaders. We are looking for someone who is relationally strong, with an ability to easily connect with and influence a broad range of people.

Someone who is able to speak and teach with effectiveness and Biblical soundness.—Making disciples cannot be done effectively if the Word of God is not communicated clearly. While this position does not include a heavy teaching responsibility, we are looking for someone who can communicate Biblical truth effectively when called on.


Department: Adults
Type: Regular; Full-time; Salaried; Exempt
Schedule: Flexible based on ministry needs
The Adult Ministries Pastor is responsible to implement the vision of Grace Community Church to make disciples through healthy and growing ministries to adults, with a particular emphasis on Life Groups. Adult Ministries Pastor will provide motivation, leadership, and training to equip Life Group leaders to help those they influence to follow the Discipleship Path in becoming disciple-makers. The Adult Ministries Pastor will also lead other discipleship initiatives and equipping ministries for adults, from Young Adults through Young at Heart (senior ministry).
• Recruit, train, and encourage GCC’s Life Group leaders.
• Develop a team of coaches who can serve our Life Group leaders.
• Help our church family become connected in Life Groups by planning kickoff events and additional ways to promote and connect people in digital and in-person Life Groups.
• Launch new Life Groups through recruiting, equipping, and empowering individuals for Life Group leadership.
• Oversee the curriculum, service projects, and health of our Life Groups.
• Plan and execute strategies, procedures, and training to develop effective ministries to young adults (under 30) and young families.
• Maintain or develop mid-size classes, events and programs that promote spiritual growth for adults, supporting and enhancing—rather than competing with—GCC’s Life Group ministry.
• Assist in the areas of church discipline and congregational care, fulfilling general pastoral duties as required.
• Possess the ability to teach God’s Word with excellence in a relevant and creative manner.
• Have at minimum a college education with ministry training (M.Div or equivalent preferred).
• Demonstrate ability and passion for evangelism, both personal and professional.
• Possess excellent and effective communication skills, both interpersonally and in mid-sized and large groups.
• Be a self-starter, with good time and resource management skills and an ability to work independently, but also value working as part of a team.
• Have experience and passion for recruiting, training, and coaching adult volunteers.
• Proven track record in ministering effectively to adults of all ages.
• Embrace the church’s vision, direction, strategies, and approach to ministry and
unreservedly hold to the church’s statement of beliefs.
• Embrace the church’s vision, direction, strategies, and approach to ministry and unreservedly hold to the church’s statement of beliefs.
• Relate to the church family and to the general public in a manner that honors and represents Christ well.
• Be a member of Grace Community Church, or become a member within six months of employment
Accountable to: Executive Pastor
Accountable for: Adult Ministries Admin; Life Groups Coaches and Leaders; Other Adult Ministry Leaders


Date Posted: Fri, Feb 11, 2022   (181 days ago)
Salary: $60-75K
Benefits: Health benefits, HSA, 403(b), PTO, professional enrichment
Anticipated Hire Date: 4/1/2022

Point of Contact:

Kenneth McDuff

Executive Pastor
1320 Auburn Way South
AUBURN, WA 98002