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Statement Of Faith: Christian Union Affirms
The sole basis of our beliefs is the Bible, God's infallible written Word, the 66 books of the Old and New Testaments. We believe that it was uniquely, verbally and fully inspired by the Holy Spirit and that it was written without error (inerrant) in the original manuscripts. It is the supreme and final authority in all matters on which it speaks.

We accept those areas of doctrinal teaching on which, historically, there has been general agreement among all true Christians.

Because of the specialized calling of our organization, we desire to allow for freedom of conviction on other doctrinal matters, provided that any interpretation is based upon the Bible alone, and that no such interpretation shall become an issue which hinders the ministry to which God has called us.

There is one true God, eternally existing in three persons - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - each of whom possesses equally all the attributes of Deity and the characteristics of personality.
Jesus Christ is God, the living Word, who became flesh through His miraculous conception by the Holy Spirit and His virgin birth. Hence, He is perfect Deity and true humanity united in one person forever.
He lived a sinless life and voluntarily atoned for the sins of men by dying on the cross as their substitute, thus satisfying divine justice and accomplishing salvation for all who trust in Him alone.
He rose from the dead in the same body, though glorified, in which He lived and died.
He ascended bodily into heaven and sat down at the right hand of God the Father, where He, the only mediator between God and man, continually makes intercession for His own.
Man was originally created in the image of God. He sinned by disobeying God; thus, he was alienated from his Creator. That historic fall brought all mankind under divine condemnation.
Man's nature is corrupted, and he is thus totally unable to please God. Every man is in need of regeneration and renewal by the Holy Spirit.

Women's Ministry Fellow
University of Pennsylvania-Philadelphia

Organization Background:

Christian Union was formed in 2002 for the purpose, by Gods power and with the help of other ministries, to change the world by bringing sweeping spiritual transformation to the nations most strategic universities, thereby developing and mobilizing godly leadership for all sectors of society. The ministry is in need of dynamic and energetic Christians desirous of expanding the knowledge of Jesus Christ in these institutions. For more information, please see

Christian Union seeks a qualified individual to serve as a Ministry Fellow to students in an academically rigorous setting. Ministry Fellows are responsible for ministering to Christian and non-Christian students, developing their leadership abilities, modeling a radical seeking God lifestyle, teaching Christian students the Scriptures, sharing the Gospel with non-believers and overseeing programs and social events.


Embrace and Embody CUs Distinctives

A. Seeking God Lifestyle

Christian Union emphasizes a mindset and behaviors considered normative by Christians for centuries, starting with the book of Acts. A seeking-God lifestyle includes humbling oneself through fasting, extraordinary prayer (including day and night), large intake of Scripture, repentance, obedience to God in every regard, perseverance in seeking God wholeheartedly, extended times of gathering with fellow believers, and intentionally calling other Christians to seek God with great diligence. When Christians seek the Lord wholeheartedly they can expect fresh fillings and outpourings of the Spirit.

B. Christian Unity

Maior Autem His Est Caritas (the greatest of these is love) is inscribed around the center of Christian Unions logo as a reminder that Gods love is central, and His love is the inspiration to uphold Christian love and unity among Christians. Christian Union board members, faculty, staff, financial partners and alumni are committed to loving one another and fellow Christians as members of the body of Christ.

C. Intellectual Orientation

Christian Union tailors its ministry to people of high intellectual capacity whose knowledge of Scripture ranges from non-existent to well-developed. Christian Union associates are selected for their ability to assess needs and to lead at this level. Christian Union knows that all wisdom and knowledge are in Jesus Christ and therefore sees harmony and not contradiction between intellectual pursuits and strong faith.

D. Organizational Excellence

The nature and significance of Christian Unions calling compel a culture of discipline and accountability. While the primary products as an organization are Gods glory and changed lives, which can be hard to measure, the ministry does its best to track inputs and outputs to be as effective as possible. The ministry aspires to be as organizationally robust as some of the best well-run, for-profit firms.

E. Professional Growth

Christian Union believes that God, in His wisdom, deposited gifts and abilities in all men and women. As these are recognized and developed, and as additional skills are imparted through training and feedback, associates have the opportunity to reach their full potential. CU prizes ongoing growth and spiritual and professional development of Christian Unions staff and faculty because it honors God, helps further the mission, and contributes to the flourishing of the people.

F. Bold Faith

Christian Union values bold, expansive faith. Everything the Bible says about God, humanity and the universe is wholly true; therefore Christian Union moves forward in confidence of what God will do for those who love and obey Him. Christian Union believes Him for great and seemingly impossible changes because if He can create the entire universe, He can do more than one can ask or imagine.

2. Effectively Minister within Christian Unions Distinctives and Ministry Model

Recruit and teach students the Scriptures in 12-week intensive small-group Bible Courses and in one-on-one settings

Recruit and coach teams of students to organize outreach, social and other events

Organize, implement and oversee additional important discipleship and outreach programs including conferences, evangelistic events, speaker series, and others as needed

Share the gospel with students individually, as well as in small and large group settings

Offer hospitality and friendship to students through meals and other social gatherings

With other Christian Union Fellows, regularly evaluate the effectiveness of ministry programs in order to suggest and implement modifications

Assume other responsibilities as needed for the sake of the ministry on campus, or for the sake of the overall Christian Union ministry



Strong devotion to Jesus Christ, holiness, and a passion to make Him known

Knowledge of the basics of the faith, as well as the heart and capacity to study and teach complex theological issues

In agreement with our Statement of Faith and Ethics


Embraces and embodies Christian Union distinctive and values

Adaptable to the culture of a highly secular academic environment

Passion for students to know and follow Jesus Christ, and the ability to form friendships with students quickly and easily

Excellent communication ability

Capable of delegating responsibility to students and coaching them to performance standards

Quick learning ability to absorb the best practices of the ministry

Strong teaming skills in order to work well with other Teaching and Ministry Fellows


Five years minimum professional experience

Ability to meet deadlines, and to work independently to complete tasks

Theological training helpful but not required

Bachelors degree required; Masters degree preferred but not required.

Competitive compensation and benefits offered. This is a full-time paid position that is supported by securing Christian Union Cornerstone Partnerships by each local ministry. Securing these partnerships is a key part of this job. Team members may be asked to support this effort by connecting with personal networks and alumni.

Date Posted: Fri, Feb 11, 2022   (181 days ago)
Benefits: Competitive compensation and benefits offered. The position is supported by securing Christian Union Cornerstone Partnerships by each local ministry. Securing these partnerships is a key part of this job. Team members may be asked to support this effort by connecting with personal networks and alumni.
Anticipated Hire Date: asap

Point of Contact:

Vickie Coonan

Administrative Assistant
19 Vandeventer Avenue
Princeton, NJ 08542