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Statement Of Faith: The mission of Agape Families is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through word and deed, to children and families who have been affected by the incarceration of a parent. It is our desire to reach kids and families who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, in order that they may come to belief through the efforts of this ministry and partnering churches. Thus, it is understood and accepted that those we serve may have not yet accepted our Statement of Faith.

Staff and volunteers each bring with them a diversity of Christian experience, but we are unified that Agape Youth Camp is not to be used as a platform to forward our secondary theological persuasions, but to focus on the simplicity and clarity of the Gospel.

All staff and Agape leadership (cabin leaders, mentors, and camp coordinators) hold these simple fundamentals in common:

The Bible: We believe that the Bible is the Word of God and is the trustworthy and infallible authority in all matters of doctrine, faith and conduct.

The Trinity: We believe in one God, creator and sustainer of all things, eternally existing in three distinct persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Jesus Christ: We believe Jesus Christ to be God’s only begotten Son, eternal, conceived by the Holy Spirit with two inseparable natures, one human one divine. He alone is the savior of the world, having lived in sinless perfection, his death was a substitutionary atonement for sin providing forgiveness to all who believe.

Humanity: We believe God created man in His image, without sin. Adam sinned, and in him we are all born into sin, both in nature and by deed. All humanity stands in need of God’s mercy and grace in order to be reconciled to Him. Relationships are at the core of the Agape Families ministry. Agape recognizes marriage as exclusively the legal union of one man and one woman in a life-long commitment and sexual relationships are reserved for marriage. The Bible is clear in its teaching on the sanctity of al

The Agape Youth Camp is looking for loving and fun cabin leaders to serve our 400 campers who are impacted by incarceration. The Agape Youth Camp is a free 3-4 day camp experience for kids who come from broken and hurting homes due to incarceration. This summer we will be hosting three camps, two in Eugene and one in Salem. We are seeking seasonal summer staff to serve as cabin leaders at each of our camps and participate in several of our follow-up events throughout the summer. Cabin Leaders get to spend the entire weekend of camp with the kids having fun, teaching and encouraging them, and sharing the gospel. After completion of these events, summer staff will receive a $1,000 stipend. The Agape Youth Camp is an easy onramp to outreach that leaves a profound impact!

Required Dates:
June 3rd-5th: Breakaway Camp
July 21st-24th: Salem Adventure Camp
August 25th-28th: Eugene Adventure Camp
June 25th: Breakaway Rafting
July 29th: Salem Boating Day
July 31st: Eugene Night Event
August 19th: Salem Night Event
May 23rd (Eugene) or 24th (Salem), 5:30-8:30 pm: Breakaway Camp Training
July 11th, 6-8 pm & July 17th, 3-5 pm: Salem Adventure Camp Trainings
August 22nd, 6-8 pm: Eugene Adventure Camp Training

Date Posted: Fri, Apr 15, 2022   (118 days ago)
Salary: $1,000
Anticipated Hire Date: 5/23

Point of Contact:

Faith Gilchrist

2350 Oakmont Way
Eugene, OR 97401