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Rozetta Baptist Church (Little York, IL) – Pastor
The Big Picture
Rozetta Baptist Church ( is seeking a pastor to lead our congregation, preach the Word and reach the lost.

The Church
We are a small, independent, country church situated in west central Illinois located a few miles from the Mississippi River and a few hours' drive to Chicago and St. Louis. On Sunday morning, you'll see lots of families–many of them multi-generational–joining each other to worship. Our service has elements of traditional and contemporary worship, both in style and in personality. We sing hymns, use PowerPoint, share video, and broadcast services online. Over our nearly 200-year history, we've adapted to meet the day's challenges while not compromising on God's Word.
We're a close-knit community, and you'll find us enjoying time with each other outside of our Sunday services. Join us for our stone soup supper, ice cream social, weiner roast, vacation Bible school, or any of a number of potlucks. We'll save you a seat and some homemade pie.
We have a heart for the youth of our communities, and our facilities are well suited for ministry. In 2015, we opened a brand new fellowship hall for events and gatherings, including a youth room loft. Our church basement has dedicated classrooms. Additionally, our parsonage is newly remodeled in 2022, and we are in the process of installing a new audio-visual system to enhance our online outreach.
The Candidate
The pastor we're seeking will be part of the leadership team composed of the deacon board, trustees, and other active volunteers in the church. Rozetta will see that he is supported and encouraged. The pastor must be willing to preach the whole of God's Word unapologetically and grow the congregation closer to the Lord. He must be a growing Christian leader, upholding Rozetta's constitution or helping us to make it more Biblical. Above all, he must share our dedication to God's Word. The rest is just details.

We want a pastor who is willing to support our youth and assist our director of youth ministries. Community interaction is also important to us. We want to know and love our pastor on more than just Sunday mornings.

The Qualifications
We believe that God equips those whom He calls, regardless of background or education. A seminary degree is a wonderful tool for anyone in ministry, but it's not a prerequisite for being the pastor at Rozetta Baptist Church. Similarly, we believe that God fosters leadership through a variety of contexts. Therefore, applicants need not have pastored a church prior to Rozetta. We seek a man whose heart is steadfast on the Lord, following His lead.
The Process
Please look over this job description and the church website. Along with your resume please answer these questions:

Why do you believe that you might be a good fit as the Pastor at Rozetta Baptist church?

Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Pastor of Rozetta Baptist Church?

In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with the doctrine of Rozetta Baptist Church?

Please send your resume, the answers to these questions and a link to at least one online sermon to

Date Posted: Thu, Apr 21, 2022   (118 days ago)

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Jason Lancaster

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