Pastor of Women's Ministry

Willow Glen Bible Church

1292 Minnesota Ave, San Jose, CA 95125 USA   MAP
Demographic: Suburban
Statement Of Faith:

We are looking for someone to be a part of our pastoral team, a pastor-teacher who has a heart for
shepherding women. As a member of our pastoral staff, the Pastor of Women’s ministry will be
responsible, along with all the other pastors, for leading, shepherding, and discipling the
congregation with a specific focus on the women in our church. The primary qualifications for this
role are to provide pastoral care, be a team builder, and teach and disciple others to be faithful
representatives of Christ in Silicon Valley. Pastoral care involves everything from a warm and friendly
person who will shepherd women through regular connections over lunch or coffee to major events
such as hospital visits, weddings, and funerals. The team-building responsibilities are working well
with others, being highly collaborative, being a good delegator, and building others up to do the
work of ministry. The teaching and discipleship requirements are being a clear communicator of the
scriptures in small and large groups, including Sunday services with prayers, scripture readings,
announcements, and occasional preaching or seminars.

Date Posted: Tue, May 10, 2022   (99 days ago)
Salary: Determined upon hire
Benefits: Yes
Anticipated Hire Date: June 2022

Point of Contact:

Dan Ruiz

Business Administrator
1292 Minnesota Ave
San Jose, CA 95125