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Maple Hill Community Congregational Church
(Maple Hill, KS) – Senior Pastor

The Big Picture
Maple Hill Community Congregational Church ( is seeking a full-time Senior Pastor who will provide spiritual leadership to members of the church.

The Church
We are bound together as followers of Jesus Christ for the purpose of sharing in the worship of God and in making His will dominant in the lives of all people. We stand for the freedom of the individual in matters of belief, charity to those in need, and kindliness to everyone.
We adopt the following principles as expressive of our faith and doctrinal attitude-
1. The Holy Bible, our only rule of faith and practice.
2. The Lord Jesus, the only head of the church and our only Savior.
3. Christian, a sufficient name for Christ’s followers.
4. Christian character of life, the only test of fellowship.
5. Individual interpretation, the right and privilege of all Christians.
6. The union of all the followers of Christ, that they shall all be one even as Christ prayed.

The Qualifications
The Pastor’s duties may include but are not limited to preparing weekly sermons, preaching and conducting worship services. In this position the pastor will also be expected to provide care and counseling to church members and assist them in crisis situations. In addition, working as a pastor may require him to officiate at special services, such as confirmations, baptisms, weddings and funerals.

Additional job responsibilities may include:

1. Spiritual Support - In an awareness of the support needed for ministry together, the church and the minister mutually agree to support one another in private and public prayer.
2. Minister Priorities -Recognizing that the church has identified certain opportunities and needs, and that the minister has specific gifts and abilities, we agree to work together on the following identified areas of ministry each year:
a. Preach the Gospel
b. Pastoral care and outreach to our members and community
c. Guiding and leading the church and congregation
d. Support and participate in youth programs
e. Abide by and support the church constitution
f. To provide ministerial leadership for the Maple Hill Community Congregational Church
g. To work as a “Full Time Pastor” in the local ministry of the church, with normal working hours and schedules with the understanding that doing God’s work is not “normal”
h. Presiding over and serving Communion
i. Attend church committee meetings
3. To seek to create and maintain a cooperative relationship with local and regional Congregational fellowships.
4. To serve in the ministerial relationship with the church and to do so in accordance with the constitution and/or bylaws of the Maple Hill Community Congregational Church.

The Process
Please look over this job description. Along with your resume please answer these questions:

Why do you believe that you might be a good fit as the Pastor for Maple Hill?

Describe your experiences in ministry and how you may be qualified to serve as the Pastor at Maple Hill?

In just a few sentences please give a summary of your theology and how that is in line with Maple Hill.

Please send your resume, the answers to these questions and a link to at least one online sermon to

Date Posted: Tue, May 10, 2022   (99 days ago)

Point of Contact:

Jason Lancaster

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