Director of Children's Ministry

Emmanuel Bible Church

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Demographic: Rural church that draws from several surrounding communities
Statement Of Faith:

We are looking for the person God is calling to be our next Director of Children’s Ministry. This is a critical role as we seek to assist parents in pointing their children toward Jesus.

Our Director of Children’s Ministry oversees the development and implementation of all Emmanuel Bible Church’s ministries to children, from nursery through fifth grade. This includes significant responsibility and opportunity in mentoring, overseeing, and supporting volunteer shepherds, leaders, and teachers. The four main components of the Director’s ministry are prayer, shepherding, teaching, and administration.

We are looking for someone who is fully committed to the authority of Scripture and who meets the biblical qualifications for deacon (1 Timothy 3 and Acts 6). A full list of spiritual gifts, personality and character traits, and talents and abilities that we believe are important for this role can be found in the job description, which can be obtained by contacting Brad Dettwyler.

We are committed to following the Lord in this process and look forward to discovering the person He is calling to serve at this time in this capacity!

We will be accepting applications through June 5th.

Date Posted: Mon, May 16, 2022   (93 days ago)
Salary: TBD
Benefits: Yes
Anticipated Hire Date: August

Point of Contact:

Brad Dettwyler

Administrative Pastor
8512 Sunnyview Rd NE
Salem, OR 97305