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General Description: The Worship Director will lead, guide, and develop the music, tech, and worship ministry at Bethel Community Church. They are responsible to lead the congregation in worship through music that will connect to the “heart language” of every age group. This will include an even balance of hymns and contemporary praise songs. They will also be making disciples through music and looking to develop individual members as leaders and musicians for the purpose of worshipping the Lord.

We currently have several worship teams that lead the congregation in music worship. The leaders of these teams will be continued in their development. The successful candidate will be willing to “share the spotlight” with other leaders. Sometimes others may lead a song or set and the minister of music will take a supporting role to help develop others as leaders. We are a biblically conservative church body, and we steer away from music or sources of music that are not a good doctrinal fit (This would include music from the New Apostolic Reformation movement – Bethel Redding, Hillsong and Elevation). We are not saying there is anything specifically wrong with these groups, it is simply that their doctrinal positions are not a good fit for us as a church body. The best candidate will have spiritual gifts in the areas of shepherding and be a servant leader. This person should be gifted in people management skills, a good listener, motivational and willing to work as a team player. The Minister of Music will have training and experience in worship planning and have solid music skills and the skill to grow others in their musical gifts and talents. They will also be expected to serve in another area of giftedness as a secondary emphasis to support the purpose of Bethel Community Church (See number 11 in job responsibilities below).

The purpose of Bethel Community Church is to help people become faithful followers of Jesus. The purpose of the music ministry is to accomplish that goal as it relates to music ministry. To glorify God by leading the congregation through Gospel-centered singing, praising and worshipping our Savior. They are to foster a blended worship experience that touches the hearts of congregants across a diverse range of ages and backgrounds. To lead not as the centerpiece of the worship experience, but as an example of giving oneself over in reverence to God and ushering those around them to join in the celebration. They are to disciple the worship teams, growing and guiding them in their walk with the Lord. They are to seek out those with music and other artistic gifts and develop and encourage them to use their gifts to bring others closer to Christ.

Experience: Experience is preferred, but the right person with the right heart and a teachable spirit who believes in our purpose and mission is most important. Experience in relationship with and worship of Jesus is every bit as important as other experience.

Essential Job Responsibilities:
1. Lead the congregation in music ministry that glorifies the Lord and seeks Him as the only audience.
2. Use a true blend of hymns and contemporary music.
3. Develop leaders and develop musicians who glorify the Lord in music.
4. Work with elders and other staff in a team approach that is unified in purpose and love.
5. Select music that is theologically sound from sources that are reliable and fit our congregation’s purpose and values. Select songs that are easy for the congregation to sing.
6. Oversee and develop the media as it relates to worship services and online services. This would include overseeing the sound system and the video presentation. Organize and maintain weekly sermons and services on the web and social media platforms.
7. Handle sensitive issues with love and confidentiality.
8. Pursue a relationship with Jesus as highest priority.
9. Grow as a musician and worshipper in their personal life. Skilled as a vocalist, instrumentalist and understanding music theory.
10. It is desired to have someone who either can lead seasonal choirs and orchestras or have a desire to learn in this area.
11. Willing to serve in other areas of giftedness. Bethel Community Church has an average weekly attendance of a little over three hundred and a church registry of about 600. We believe that a full time person can primarily serve as our minister of music and worship media and also serve in another area of desire and giftedness as a secondary emphasis. If the minister of music has gifts in leading a small group, outreach or hospitality, etc., those gifts should be utilized to build up and edify the church. The ministry of music and media would likely take up 75% of their role, with another 25% utilizing other gifts to serve in other areas.

Other Qualifications:
Meets the spiritual requirements of an elder in Titus 1: 5 – 9; 1 Timothy 3: 1 – 7.
A willingness to work with other staff and elders in a mutually accountable and servant leader role.
Whole-heartedly agrees with our statement of faith.

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