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Statement Of Faith: WHAT WE BELIEVE

What We Believe
Connect Christian Church is a community united in a common love for Jesus as our Lord and Savior. We come from all walks of life and religious backgrounds. While each of us has a unique faith story, we are committed to the unity of all believers. Because we believe we are Christians only and not the only Christians, we recognize and value the faith experiences of all who love, honor and serve Jesus. If you are new to Connect, we do not expect you to believe everything from the first day you are here. We understand that spiritual growth is a process and our prayer is that you would grow alongside us as we seek to connect people to Christ and each other.

The Bible
We believe the Bible to be inspired by God, written down by men guided by the Holy Spirit. God’s Word lights our path and guards, penetrates, purifies and transforms our hearts. The Bible is reliable, flawless and our final authority for what is believed, taught and practiced by Connect. There are no other writings inspired by God. (2 Timothy 3:16)

We believe that there is one true and living God, perfect in all His attributes, one in essence, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, each possessing all the attributes of deity and deserving of our worship and obedience. God created the universe and all things out of nothing, manifesting His power, wisdom and goodness. God continues to work throughout history by sustaining His creation and fulfilling His redemptive plan. (Genesis 1:1, Matthew 28:19)

The second person of the Trinity, Jesus, is eternally equal with God. Willingly giving up the glory of heaven, Jesus came to earth to pay the debt for man’s soul. He became a man through a miraculous conception and a virgin birth. He lived a perfect life, committed no sin, paid for our sins by dying on the cross as our substitute. Jesus rose from the dead after three days and appeared to many people. Jesus will return at God’s appointed time to

Elementary Ministry Director Job Description
Ordained / Licensed Exempt Employee

Education and Experience:
Preferred college graduate with at least one year of experience in Children’s Ministry or Youth Ministry or a related field with a passion for youth. Ability to communicate easily with adults and youth, with good organizational skills and adaptable to changing situations. Computer competency in a variety of applications.

Overall responsibilities:
This position serves under the supervision and direction of the Executive Pastor and serves as a leader and resource in coordination and execution of children’s education ministry – for elementary ages Kindergarten – 5th Grade. All duties and responsibilities will be performed in a manner to glorify Christ and further the mission and ministry purposes of Connect. This position will adhere to church approved guidelines as set forth in the Connect Bylaws and Policies and Procedure Manual.

Specific Ministry Related Duties:
• Build effective volunteer teams to carry out the vision, mission, and values of Connect.
• Develop policies and programs which meet identified Elementary Ministry needs.
• Development of Ministry structure to better facilitate communication, planning, and implementation of Elementary’s Ministry programs.
• Counsel with youth and parents as needed.
• Build strong relationships with children in time of need such as hospital, emergency, family death, etc.
• Classroom preparation: Safety and Organization
o Communicate needs or changes within the classroom and/or other policies involving children.
o Coordinate and select curriculum and program activities that are age specific for kindergarten – 5th grade.
• Plan and supervise Next Gen Ministry related events and outreach events within the community.
• Contribute information for program, e-news, and special events.
• Oversee and coordinate weekly Elementary ministry programming (in person or virtual).
• Work with Ministry staff to coordinate special children’s worship programming and events.
• Serve as a contributor of Next Gen Strategic Planning Team.
o Parent team members, leaders, and teachers
o Conduct planning meetings and provide periodic training sessions for leadership team and families
• Serve as the church host for WinShape Camps for Communities.
• Invite people to volunteer in the ministry on a regular basis and ensure proper training of volunteers.
• Responsible for the preparation of the Spending plan as it pertains to Elementary Programming for kindergarten – 5th grade
• Support summer camp activities for children.
• Cooperate with all Pastors, Elders and other staff members in promoting the entire ministry plan of Connect and promote a team effort in accomplishing related results.

Other Ministerial Duties
• Be a visible image of Connect in the community.
• Lead and/or teach Connect groups and Bible studies as appropriate.
• Maintain a vital and growing personal walk with the Lord through committed Bible study, prayer, and meditation.
• Maintain proper priorities in your home and be a spiritual leader with your spouse and children.
• Develop personal evangelism opportunities within and outside the church.
• Financially support the ministry of Connect by faithfully giving and maintaining wise stewardship practices.
• Other duties as necessary to promote the ministries of Connect.

Date Posted: Wed, Jun 1, 2022   (77 days ago)
Salary: 40000
Benefits: Yes
Anticipated Hire Date: 08/01/2022

Point of Contact:

Sabrina Armstrong

Finance & Operations Director
3101 Davidson Hwy
Concord, NC 28027