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Merlin Community Baptist Church

361 Galice Road, PO Box 707, Merlin, OR 97532 USA   MAP
Demographic: Rural
Statement Of Faith:

Vacancy for Senior Pastor
We are looking for a full time Lead Pastor for Merlin Community Baptist Church near Grants Pass in southern Oregon. We are a medium sized conservative church with approximately 125 in attendance in two Sunday services. We provide both a traditional and contemporary worship experience to reach different groups.
As a body of New Testament believers, we affirm our belief in the inspired authority of the scriptures; in the virgin birth and essential deity of our Lord; in His atoning death and bodily resurrection; in His ascension into Heaven and the promised indwelling of the Holy Spirit; in His personal, visible return; and His ultimate and undisputed Kingdom and reign.
Our vision is to expand our reach into this community to attract more people, young, old, children, single adults, and families to have a saving faith in Jesus Christ and then join us in our ministry to spread the good news.
The Lead Pastor has the primary role as the teaching shepherd of the church. He shall feed the flock, equip the saints, protect the church from false teachers, and love the family of God. Primary emphases are:
• Preach a biblical message that is true to the Bible that encourages and teaches the congregation in an uplifting manner.
• Interpreting the faith – communicate a comprehensive understanding of the Bible and Christian theology in terms relevant to people’s lives.
• Leadership – attempt to turn vision into reality and to sustain it in the church.
• Nurturing fellowships – maintain a friendly warm and welcoming atmosphere so that people feel accepted, included and cared for.
• Pastoral care – encouragement at times of need and joy (visit members in hospital or recovery homes).
• Counseling – provide counseling as needed for individuals, couples, and family to enter a healing relationship.
• Leadership development – recognize and call potential persons as leaders with training and growth.
• Conflict management – resolve conflicts as they arrive.
Additional information can be obtained at: Click on “about”.
Resumes and or questions may be sent to:
Dwight Bolen, pastoral search committee chairman (home address)
200 Lyle Drive
Merlin, Oregon, 97532

All submittals will be held in confidence. Please provide your appropriate contact info.

Date Posted: Thu, Jun 16, 2022   (56 days ago)
Benefits: yes
Anticipated Hire Date: fall, 2022

Point of Contact:

Dwight Bolen

elder, chairman of pastoral search committee
361 Galice Road, PO Box 707
Merlin, OR 97532