Lead Pastor

Strassburg Baptist Church

2249 Pawnee, Marion, KS 66861 USA   MAP
Demographic: Rural

We desire a pastor who will first seek the LORD!
Some preferred attributes/traits we would be looking for include:
Bible believing/teaching . . . no ear tickling,
man of prayer,
good communication ability,
personally stable,
spiritually authentic,
caring people person in visiting sick/elderly church members
loving, compassionate, and humble servant’s heart,
open to counseling (in turn, being personally accountable/transparent/honest), and
speaking skills in delivering messages.
The pastor shall have the general oversight of the entire work of the church; shall be an advisory member of all departments, boards, and committees; shall preside at the meetings of the church for worship; and shall perform the duties ordinarily expected of pastors.
Requirements and Qualifications:
Seminary is encouraged, but not required.

Date Posted: Thu, Jun 16, 2022   (56 days ago)
Anticipated Hire Date: When the Lord shows us the man for us.

Point of Contact:

Todd Krispense

2280 Pawnee
Marion, KS 66861