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The purpose of the New Life Church Pastoral Residency Program is to provide a context in which the necessary “soft skills” for pastoral ministry can be developed. These soft-skills are not those learned in a classroom, but in real-life and are necessary to develop for effectively shepherding the people of God, to avoid common failures and mistakes in ministry that can potentially cut short or ending a ministry career.

Regular practice of the spiritual disciplines and a character that exemplifies the qualification listed in 1 Timothy 3 and Titus 1, as well as formal biblical and theological training are the first two essentials for ministry development. The primary focus of the residency program is the third essential, the “soft skills.”

Length and Emphasis:

The New Life Residency Program is a two-year program that begins in September to coincide with the beginning of the seminary academic year. There are two areas of emphasis: 1) Pastoral Ministry; 2) Church Planting.

Key Distinctives:

Real Ministry Responsibility: The residency program provides an opportunity to develop and serve in a ministry capacity that gives the resident will responsibility and experience.

Preaching opportunities: The residency program will instruct the resident in the development of Christ-centered exegetical sermon preparation as well as provide opportunities to preach with feedback from the pastoral staff.

Development of “Soft Skills”: The residency program provides the resident to develop skills necessary to: a) resolve conflict; b) run effective meetings; c) institute change; d) work with a team; e) delegate responsibility.

Provide Multiple Ministry Viewpoints: The residency program gives the resident to work alongside various pastors with multiple years of experience and unique experiences that better equips and prepares the resident for ministry.

Network with other Pastors: Due to New Life Church’s relationship with Western Seminary and CB Northwest, the residency program provides a broad network of other pastors for the resident.

Weekly one-on-one meetings with a member of the pastoral staff.

New Life Church has a 40-year history of loving, supporting, and sending students.


The Pastoral Residence curriculum is broken up into six-week blocks with each block having its own emphasis. Each block will include three weeks of group work, three weeks of one-on-one work, the reading of one book, and a synthesis paper. There is a total of eight six-week blocks per year of the residence program.

The topics covered will include:

The Pastor as a Person
The Pastor and Personal Interaction
The Pastor as Shepherd
The Pastor and Personal Evangelism
The Pastor as Preacher
The Pastor as Community Builder
The Pastor as Communicator
The Pastor as Change Agent
The Pastor and Conflict
The Pastor as Leadership Developer
The Pastor as Team Leader

Date Posted: Fri, Apr 5, 2019   (496 days ago)
Benefits: Partial Scholarship
Anticipated Hire Date: Fall 2019

Point of Contact:

Scott Reavely

Residency Director
1984 McKillican St, P.O. Box 5
West Linn, OR 97068